Gas Powered RC Cars
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Gas Powered RC Cars

For Playing and Bashing

If you want the sound and realism of a 2-stroke nitro engine, buy a gas powered rc car. For bashing around parking lots and having drag races with friends, a 1/10 scale 4wd shaft drive nitro touring car is a good type to buy.


1/10 HPI Nitro RS4 RTR Evo 3 - Speeds of 80 kph out of the box with beautiful BMW and Porsche rc car bodies.

1/10 Kyosho GP Fazer - Aston Martin DBR9, Porsche 911 and McLaren F1 GTR rc car bodies. Good for kids who want a nitro car as the speeds are not too fast.

Gas Powered RC Cars Kyosho GP Fazer

200mm Gas RC Cars for Racing

For serious racing on flat and clean racing tracks, choose either the 200mm wide 1/10 IC Touring Gas Car or the 1/8 Nitro RC Car. These classes have IFMAR World Championships held every 2 years.

Gas RC Cars XRay NT1 Nitro

Races are generally 30mins to 1 hour long with pitstops for fuel every 5 minutes. This is as close to real car racing as you can get.

Top brands from the last World Championships are XRAY, Mugen, Shepherd, Serpent and Kyosho.

Those 1/8th scale nitro rc cars sure get the adrenaline going. Let's look at where we can buy these...

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Gas RC Car Shaft Drive

A shaft driven gas rc car is better for rough and pebbly surface. Photo credit: Skuter-race-ta

Gas Powered RC Cars Kyosho Fazer

1/10 Kyosho Fazer. Shaft driving 4wd gas rc cars with realistic car bodies.